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A Community of Faith Reaching Out with Open Arms

Kailey went on a mission trip to Cali, Colombia in 2018. She went with a group from Fairfield led by Pastor Jeff Biggs. They were joined by Beth Wallace, a CP missionary in Columbia. They went to help remodel one of the buildings at the camp El Corro, a CP camp. El Corro holds church camps, conferences, retreats, and is a vacation spot for CP pastors and their families. They laid new tile flooring, scrapped, sanded, and repainted old windows, painted walls, put in drop ceilings. It was hard work. This camp was situated on the side of a mountain and was damp and had thin air. Everything they did was by hand up and down the mountain. Every morning they sang hymns and prayed together and every night they gave a five minute sermon and did devotions, including the Colombians that were helping work. They finished the nights by playing Uno (a Colombian favorite) or just chatting with the Colombians and each other. The building they remodeled was later dedicated to Beth and her husband, who had passed away earlier this year, Boyce Wallace for the work they had done in the mission field.

To love, serve, obey and exalt God, to love our neighbors as ourselves, to spread God's love to our community.



Sunday School: 9 am

Worship Service: 10:15 am

Youth Group: 5 pm

Evening Service: 6 pm

Wednesday Bible Study: 6 pm

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